Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates LOSES her license to exhibit wildlife in the state of California

Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates has NOT been licensed to exhibit wildlife since 2011!!!!!

After being cited for violations involving wildlife in 2007,  the CADFG (California Department of Fish and Game) issued a "wildlife rehabilitation permit that allowed Cummins to rehabilitate sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife and release them back into the wild".  However, in 2011, the Department began issuing native species exhibiting permits allowing QUALIFIED persons to possess non-releasable native species for educational purposes.  Currently, the Department is phasing out conditions in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) allowing the possession of non-releasable wildlife and is instead requiring wildlife rehabilitation permittees to obtain an Exhibiting Permit.  Immediately after Mary Cummins, aka Mary Cummins Cobb, applied for the permit, her records were reviewed and there is where 'the walls came tumbling down' for Mary.  They found inconsistency after inconsistency, ie, lie after lie and her Exhibiting permit was DENIED.  Click here to read the actual notice of wildlife violations.

Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins scrambled to try to cover the lies by sending in more documentation, or what they call, "additional materials" as her application "lacked several items".  The agency's answer to Mary - the application was stamped with DENIED, citing violations of Fish and Game Code section 1054In legal terms the code 1054 equates to LIAR. Of course, since Mary has a problem with authority, she appealed the decision challenging the DENIAL of her request for a native species exhibiting permit.  Mary even included ALL of her exhibits.  Laughable at best.  On May 2, 2012 the OAH judge issued an order instructing Mary to, "By no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, July 6, 2012....submit to OAH (Office of Administrative Hearings) and simultaneously serve on the department, her written statement setting forth the legal and factual grounds for contesting the additional grounds for the DENIAL of her permit.  Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates NEVER submitted a written statement as required.  The judge cut her some slack and she was given another opportunity and a second order was issued and then a third was issued on January 7, 2013.  What did Mary do?  On the 3rd attempt, she submitted rhetoric not relevant to the violations.  Typical Mary Cummins.  Read the transcripts on Bat World Sanctuary's website as it appears Mary is not only guilty of stupidity and animal abuse, she is guilty of constantly avoiding the issues at hand.  She tries to take attention away from her malicious activities by bringing in non-consequential information into the argument and, of course, blaming others like her game warden.  Aren't all game wardens veterinarians?  Just sayin'.  So Mary was not only DENIED once but TWICE.

In the "Declaration of Mary Cummins" on September 19, 2012, in Cummins own words, "Warden Cindy Woods  (CA Dept of Fish and Game) showed up in full uniform with a gun on her belt and entered my house without knocking.  She inspected my home and then interrogated my students".  In one declaration alone, Cummins tells the Office of Administrative Hearings that more than 9 game wardens and other wildlife rehabilitators in the state of California are "attacking me."  Good grief.  Altogether now, "Can you spell, P-A-R-A-N-O-I-D, Mary? In Mary Cummins' own words, she feeds her animals "rotten meat." Was Mary Cummins of Animal Advocates under attack or was she just experiencing the concern of wildlife advocates who were disgusted with her treatment of wildlife?

Mary Cummins tried to subpoena the CADFG and the FGC (Fish and Game Commission) to obtain copies of reports made about her by concerned citizens but the attorney for both governmental organizations refused to comply with the subpoena according to Cummins.  What is most interesting though is the fact that Mary Cummins cannot help but commit perjury even when she is fighting to keep her licensing.  A sane individual would tell the truth, beg forgiveness, try to do better, submit to more inspections.  Not Mary.  Cummins stated to the Office of Administrative Hearings that she has had a USDA exhibit permit since 2003!  Say what?  She only had that license for a year or so, then lost it, and obtained it again in 2011 as she stated in deposition," for the hell of it".  I guess because Mary is so anxious to be 'special' she has elevated herself to being a paranoid, pathological liar (or so it seems).

Two years, from 2011 to 2013, Mary Cummins Exhibiting permit was DENIED.  From 2006-2011 - NO USDA permit.  Interesting that she talks about other rehabilitiation individual's licensing on the Internet.  Cummins is so stupid she does not realize that many rehabilitators give up their licenses voluntarily because life circumstances change for them. 

Just remember - MARY CUMMINS of ANIMAL ADVOCATES and Cummins Real Estate Services, Cummins Real Estate Appraisals license to Exhibit wildlife was DENIED, and DENIED again.


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